Rugs Melbourne

Rugs Melbourne: A Guide

Rugs are an icon that have beautified homes for centuries. They look great and can make a house feel like a home. But what is the point of having a rug in your home? Well, if you have a timber floor, you want to protect it as much as possible from scratches and dents. Rugs offer this protection in a simple and easy to alter way. When placed under tables and sofas, the likelihood of scratches or dents are lessened dramatically. In the absence of carpet, rugs also help prevent dirt being displaced around the house. These are the primary uses of the rugs Melbourne has to offer, but they can also simply make your house look better. A good rug can tie together any room and quickly inserts your personal style into the area. The earliest known rugs have been found in Mesopotamia and are thought to be over six thousand years old. Throughout the world, mats and rugs became commonplace in any setting inhabited by people. From English rush mats to Japanese tatami, rugs are a staple of human life. Now let’s explore what rugs Melbourne likes to offer.


Designer Rugs Melbourne

Designer rugs on rooftop

In recent years designer rugs have captured the public’s attention. With today’s technology, there is nothing stopping you from having your favourite artist’s work as the true centrepiece of your room. Often, Melbourne boutiques will exclusively offer designer rugs for sale either as single pieces of as part of a collection. The designer rugs Melbourne sells, are often designed by local artists or other Australian artists. Designer rugs are more often than not, handmade. Having designer rugs Melbourne based means that you can also have rugs made to order. These facts add another level of interest to prospective buyers as they can be sure that the rug itself is one of a kind and therefore completely unique. This helps your home stand out amongst others whilst also being made in the highest possible quality.


Modern Rugs Melbourne

A modern melbourne rug

Modern rugs is a term used to classify rugs that have less traditional designs or are made from less traditional materials. Often more expensive than the average rug, modern rugs Melbourne has in stores tend to be bright and colourful. Typical designs are polka dots, faded patterns or recreated art. Generally modern rugs are designed to capture your attention as you enter a room. So if you have a small or dreary room, often a modern rug can help to make your room look exceptional. One of the many rugs stores that sell modern rugs is Ikea. Ikea modern rugs are easy to explore as they are conveniently located next to other rugs, so you can be sure to buy the rug best suited to you.


Persian Rugs Melbourne

persian rug in Melbourne living roomPersian rugs (also known as Persian carpets) have been a sought after product for centuries, their intricate designs are simply stunning and add unbeatable class to any environment. Often considered luxury items, Persian rugs have entranced generation after generation of decorators. It is not rare to find yourself enjoying a Persian rug that has been handed down descending generations. So respected are they, that these rugs are usually kept pristine and become well-loved family heirlooms. A true Persian rug will be hand stitched and having the occasional mistake in the pattern only adds character to these much loved rugs. As with any rug, Persian carpets are relatively easy to look after, simply vacuum or sweep and mop up spills as soon as you can.


Cowhide Rugs Melbourne

Cowhide Rug Melbourne

These durable rugs are often thought of as iconic, in some part due to their prominence in cowboy movies. From A Fistful of Dollars to Tarantino’s The Hateful 8, cowhide rugs are shown to be a key period feature.  their celebrity status, cowhide rugs are also famed for their durability.  Adding a touch of authenticity to any room, cowhide rugs are considered “rough and ready.” Generally requiring little to no upkeep, cowhide rugs Melbourne are a fantastic rustic addition to any home.


Where Can I Buy Cheap Rugs Melbourne?

Discount Rug Store Melbourne

Melbourne has many places where finding a great rug for your home will be no problem. There are dedicated rug stores Melbourne has scattered around the city. Simply typing rugs Melbourne CBD into google will reveal a great selection of rug shops  just waiting for your arrival. As with any flooring material, if you are looking to buy cheap rugs in Melbourne wait until you find a great sale. Sale rugs Melbourne are truly an excellent reason to go exploring in the city.

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