Linoleum Flooring Issues

  • Linseed vapors is discharged by linoleum floors for about a week after it is installed which is not recommended especially for older people. 
  • Because of its natural components, exposure to light creates a tendency for the linoleum flooring to “amber”.
  • It can be easily damaged when furniture is dragged over it, or even torn by stiletto heels.
  • Poor maintenance can turn linoleum flooring to look dingy.

Hybrid Flooring is the latest innovation in the flooring industry which is taking the market rapidly and being waterproof is the perfect option for wet areas.

CQ Flooring offers $59.95 per m2 including Supply of Limited Ranges of Hybrid Flooring and Installation. Excluding of removal of the old floor and subfloor leveling if required. Browse the special hybrid flooring range.

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