VEH-HB Wheat

VEH-HB Wheat - VEH-HB Wheat

Supplier: Preference Hybrid Herringbone
Catalog: Easi Plank Hybrid Herringbone Flooring
Dimension: 125mm / 625mm / 8mm(7.0 + 1.0 UNDERLAY)
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EASI PLANK Hybrid Herringbone Flooring

Unveiling the future of flooring with unparalleled design, durability, and function. Dive into the specifications of our signature EASI PLANK Hybrid Herringbone.

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 625 X 125 X 8.0MM (7.0 + 1.0 UNDERLAY)
  • Package Details: 14 PLANKS/CARTON, covering an area of 1.094 SQM
  • Installation Method: Click Profile Floating Install
  • Surface Quality: Advanced Embossed Surface inclusive of Micro Bevel
  • Durability: Protected by a 0.7mm Robust Wear Layer
  • Weight: Approximately 15.7kgs per carton
  • Water Resistance: Interior Waterproof complemented with an attached Acoustic Underlay
  • Quality Assurance: Fire Test Code Qualified and Slip Test P3
  • Certifications: Floor Score Certified ensuring top-notch interior air quality

Maintenance and Care

EASI PLANK is as effortless to maintain as it is to install. Regular sweeping is recommended, and damp mopping is permissible. Note: Refrain from using steam mops to ensure longevity.

Features that Stand Out

The EASI PLANK Hybrid Herringbone flooring, measured at 625 x 125 x 8.0mm with a resilient 0.7mm Wear Layer, sets new standards in the flooring industry. Our seasoned design team has meticulously crafted a palette that seamlessly integrates with a spectrum of contemporary interior designs.

Furthermore, plank decor visuals undergo a strategic repositioning during manufacturing, generating 8 unique orientations of the decor paper. This innovative approach births a floor oozing with charisma and allure.

One of the defining traits of this range is the advanced embossing techniques employed throughout the plank, inclusive of the micro bevel. This intricate procedure amplifies the decor visual without undermining its durability. The outcome? A surface that radiates natural warmth and character.


Width 125mm
Length 625mm
Thickness 8mm(7.0 + 1.0 UNDERLAY)
Weight 15.7kgs
Certifications Floor Score Certified
Water Resistance Interior Waterproof complemented with an attached Acoustic Underlay
Durability Protected by a 0.7mm Robust Wear Layer
Surface Quality Advanced Embossed Surface inclusive of Micro Bevel
Installation Click Profile Floating Install
Area Per Box 1.094 SQM

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