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$55.00$39.60 per SQMs incl. GST
Pale Silver Oak Hybrid Flooring-1474
Pale Silver Oak
Grey Country Oak
Moody Oak
Harmony Natural Oak
Blond Warm Oak
Carbon Oak
Grey Shadow Oak
White Rustic Oak
Natural Oak
Smoked Oak
Natural Blackbutt
Warm Spotted Gum
Natural Spotted Gum
Coastal Blackbutt
230mm - 180mm / 1524mm / 7mm

What is Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring is the first waterproof, scratch resistant and durable floorboard. Mixing waterproof of Vinyl Plank with Durability of the Laminate Floors, made the installation process possible to be done in wet areas. Also thickness of hybrid floorboards makes it possible to be installed over existing tiles and save cost of the installation by reducing the price of labour.


Below We Are Going To Answer Some Of Frequent Questions People Ask About Hybrid Flooring, Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us If You Still Have Any Questions.
Hybrid flooring is the latest technology in floor covering mixing waterproofness of vinyl and scratch resistancy of laminate.
Hybrid Flooring is a very good floor covering comparing to other types of flooring. For example hybrid flooring is the only water proof product whith click lock system. There is no need to use glue during the installation of hybrid vinyl flooring which makes it easy to install and reduces the cost of the installation.
Yes hybrid flooring is 100% waterproof in opposed to some laminate flooring brands which claim that they are waterproof too! Truth is that there is no laminate flooring which is 100% water proof due to being made from hdf core!
Nearly 95% of available hybrid flooring comes with built in underlay so do not need to buy an underlay separately. Still there are some senarios you may need to use another layer of underlay for example when hybrid flooring is going to be used in an apartment with people living in the lower level. In that case you may need another layer of acoustics underaly which has to be very high density otherwise will be too soft for hybrid flooring. Acoustic underlay is about 5mm tick and is made of rubber which will reduce the impact noise to go in the lower level apartment.
Yes hybrid flooring can be laid over existing tiles if the tiles are flat, not broken and also the grout joints are not too deep. Even hybrid flooring can be laid over existing vinyl sheet, old lino or even timber floors again subject to their conditions.
Hybrid flooring is not 100% vinyl but it has made from mixture of vinyl and limestone powder and that’s why it called hybrid vinyl floor. Reason is to have the waterproofness of vinyl also the hardness of the stone which has givven the hybrid flooring the ability of click lock system which is not exist in traditional vinyl floorings.
As hybrid flooring is made of limestone powder mixed with PVC it does not expand as much as any other type of floor covering.
Comparing to laminate and engineered floors, hybrid floor is not that noisy because of the underlay is attached to the board.
Yes, hybrid flooring needs expansion joints like any other floating floor. Floating floors are not glued down to the subfloor so they will expand & contract with the temperature changes and need expansion joints to be able to move when needed.
Yes hybrid vinyl planks flooring can scratch and dents eventhough it is one of the most durable and scratch-resistant floor covering available in the market.


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