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Dewdrop Parquet Flooring
Desert Sand
French Oak
Bleached Almond
12.5mm / 600mm / 100mm
$100.00$77.00 per SQMs incl. GST
Donnington Parquet Flooring
Old Nordic Oak
Oak Brush Raw
15mm / 600mm / 120mm

Parquetry Floors at CQ Flooring Melbourne:

Parquetry floors are one of the most sought-after and stylish types of flooring in Melbourne. Pleasing to the eye with its geometric repetition, high-quality, and easy to maintain, parquetry floors can be customised to reflect your unique style and space.

The key difference of this type of hardwood flooring in Melbourne compared to its contemporaries, is that parquet wood flooring is made up of small boards of hardwood timber and unlike uniform solid timber floors laid side by side, parquet flooring can be laid out in different patterns to come up with a beautiful mosaic-like design.

The intricate Herringbone timber floor pattern can be traced back to the Roman times, followed by timber parquet flooring appearing in 16th century France. Innately sophisticated, installing herringbone floorboards is a timeless craftsmanship which dates back hundreds of years.

At CQ Flooring Melbourne we offer a great selection of parquetry flooring in Melbourne. Choose from Herringbone, Haddon Hall, Monticello, Chevron, Versailles, Du Maurier and more, available to install yourself or for the CQ Flooring team to professionally install. 

Visit our showrooms in Docklands Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing, Ferntree Gully, Thomastown open 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Saturday to explore our comprehensive range of high-quality, wood flooring in Melbourne.

Parquet Flooring Melbourne

Different Styles of Parquetry Flooring in Melbourne:

Solid timber flooring in Melbourne is a popular choice for kitchen and living spaces. A timeless, natural and durable choice, there are endless ways to design parquet wood flooring.

Being a natural material, there are many variations in in colour between oak flooring in Melbourne and many finishes and coatings to choose from. At CQ Flooring, we recommend a hardwearing vanish and UV protective coating, for a smooth, long-lasting and dust-free finish.

See below the variety of patterns you can create with oak parquet flooring, showing just how versatile this flooring option is. The following patterns are typical styles of parquet flooring Melbourne home owners typically install.

Parquetry Flooring Pros and Cons

Parquetry floors are an aesthetically pleasing and versatile high-end product, with a durable, dust-free finish that is easy to clean finish. If you choose parquet flooring, you will have many patterns, grains of wood, and finishes to choose from the achieve a sophisticated look – from beautiful oak herringbone flooring to chevron.

However, there are some customers who prefer hardwood flooring over parquet flooring because it creates a minimalist effect. Installing standard oak flooring in Melbourne is also less meticulous because due to the average size of the floorboards. In terms of durability, there is not much difference between the parquet flooring and solid harwood timber flooring in Melbourne.

Timber parquet flooring is also soft to walk on, making it perfect for rooms such as the kitchen where one has to stand for a long period of time. Noise is also diminished because of cork flooring and compared to carpet, it does a better job in lessening the noise of footsteps.

Some cons may include:

  • The surface of cork flooring can easily be indented and scratched. You need to be mindful of dragging furniture and stiletto heels which can cause indents
  • Colour may fade if exposed to direct sunshine. Yet, this can easily be managed if you install windows with UV-protective coating
  • Weather can also affect the longevity of the cork flooring, causing it to either swell or become deformed. This is less likely to happen if the humidity levels are maintained at 30-60%.

Parquetry Floors Installation and Costs:

The cost of installing good quality parquet wood flooring in a standard size living room, dining room or hallway is approximately [Please advise $].

If you are an avid DIY fan and would like to do the installation yourself, then we can provide all the high-quality materials and recommendations to get you started on this exciting project.

However, if you are inexperienced, it will be more sensible if you simply decide on the design and have a CQ Flooring professional install it for you.

Choosing Your New Parquetry Floors

If you’re considering installing solid hardwood flooring in Melbourne, we have various solid timber and parquetry flooring options available to view at our showrooms.

CQ Flooring Melbourne has been installing hardwood Herringbone, Haddon Hall, Monticello, Chevron, Versailles, Du Maurier flooring styles for years. We are experts in our field and ensure the highest quality or materials and meticulous installation throughout Melbourne.

Visit us in Docklands Melbourne, Hoppers Crossing, Ferntree Gully, Thomastown between 9.00am – 5.00pm Monday to Saturday to explore our comprehensive range. Our dedicated team will guide you through various brands and ranges to find a solution that best meets your needs and space.

The following patterns are typical styles of parquet flooring Melbourne home owners typically install.

Herringbone Parquet Flooring


Haddon hall Parquet Flooring

Haddon hall

Monticello Parquet Flooring


Chevron Parquet Flooring


Versailles Parquet Flooring


Du Maurier Parquet Flooring

Du Maurier