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Australian Hardwood Range
For some, the feeling of stepping on actual wood is incomparable. But laying an entire house with actual wood can be guilty sometimes with our precious environment in mind. Not with our Australian Hardwood Range featuring sustainably sourced Australia timber.

Fill your home with the nature
From the finest yet environmentally friendly organic material, our Australian Hardwood flooring range spots 4 colour options to fit contemporary to heritage designs with the quality to match.

The lighter Tasmania Oak and Blackbutt provide a sense of space and calm for less roomy interiors and more complementing to modernist or minimalist designs, while the darker Spotted Gum and Jarrah fit better with classically designed homes and also featuring natural fire resistance.

Mount by any method

Our locally sourced Australian Hardwood brings the beauty of Australian nature into every home while the exceptional strength of the material suits a wide range of use case scenarios including installing directly onto joists, battens or underply over concrete using secret or top nailing methods.

The smartly engineered timber floor offers quick and easy installation while being easy to clean. The flooring can be refinished time after time for long-term extensive usage.

Make your home unique

Our consistent width and thickness, as being assured as the manufacturer, offers the flexibility of mixed board and multi-directional design. The Hardwood floors can be used instantly after being laid and do not harbour dust mites or other allergens.

While wood being a renewable resource, our Australian Hardwood range can be recycled or reused in case of a change of mind or a change in interior design. Under regular maintenance, our quality Hardwood can withstand the torture of time and traffic that can last a lifetime.

Learn how our Australian Hardwood Timber Floor can accompany you through life with the warmth of home and nature at our Melbourne and Perth office, or dial us a call.