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How to Install Carpet Tiles Without Breaking the Bank

Installing carpet can now be far more simple as carpet tiles are available to buy. It is often hard to tell the difference between carpet rolls and carpet tiles once they have been installed. A key difference between the two is the ease with which you can install carpet tiles. Carpet tiles come in various sizes and designs which makes it easy to cover your floor, no matter what your specific requirements are. Unlike carpet rolls, which almost always need extra elbow grease just for it to fit perfectly on your floor; carpet tiles are easier to install and can be done by just about anybody. Because of these advantages, carpet tiles are one of the most sought-after solutions to covering floors without exerting too much effort.


Commercial carpet tiles, also known as modular carpet tiles, are mainly used for areas such as offices or commercial locations. These are heavy duty carpet tiles that are specifically designed to tolerate excessive foot traffic and even repel coffee stains and dirt. This type of carpet tile can also be used in your home if you want something that can last a long time. If you have a large floor area in your home, you can inquire from a manufacturer or distributor, if you can be given a wholesale or bulk price. Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money.You can also search for clearance stock as most retailers would sell their old stock cheapely to make way for the new range.


How to Install Carpet Tiles in Melbourne

Now that you have purchased enough carpet tiles for your floor area, it is now time to install. Some carpet tiles that can be installed with adhesives, while others do not need any kind of adhesive. These non-adhesive tiles are simply laid side-by-side after the room has been measured and the tiles have been cut to size where needed. For either types of carpet tile, the preparation should always start with ensuring that the floor area is clean and dry. The cracks and holes on the floors should also be filled in. It is always best to start in the middle. This way, there is less chance that the placement of the carpet tiles is asymmetrical.


Here are some tips to take note of when installing carpet tiles which require you to apply your own adhesive:

  • Use a heavy-duty paint roller to apply the adhesive. Cover the underside of the tile completely.
  • There are adhesives that require the use of a spray set. If you are using this, make sure that the underside of the tile is fully covered with the adhesive.
  • When applying adhesive, be sure to spread thinly on the tile.
  • Before laying the tile on the floor, make sure that the adhesive is dry. Test it by touching with your finger. If the adhesive stays in place, it is now ready to be laid on the floor.
  • For best results, use a 100-pound roller over the tiles. This ensures the tile will remain attached to the floor.

Choosing the right carpet tile for your home will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. But this option remains a cheap alternative to carpet rolls and other flooring styles.

Tile Flooring Melbourne

Tile Flooring Melbourne

Tile Flooring Melbourne: A Guide


When it comes to flooring installations, it does not get easier than flooring tiles. Due to their shape, simply place them side by side and fix them to the floor. Carpet tiles even come with adhesive already fixed to the back to make your life even easier. As flooring tiles are available in many different styles and finishes their versatility is endless. From comfortable, cushioned carpet flooring tiles for your lounge, to waterproof vinyl tiles for your bathroom; finding the flooring tiles that Melbourne has to offer will make your home complete. Not only are flooring tiles generally easier to install than most forms of flooring, they are considered one of the cheapest options for flooring you can buy. This price obviously depends upon a range of factors, not least the material your flooring tiles are made of.


Cheap Tile Flooring Melbourne

Cheap Carpet Tile

Discount tile flooring Melbourne can be found in a variety of places. Discount warehouses, clearance centres and even flooring stores having a sale can all lead you to finding your dream floor. With tiles there is less danger when ordering online. Delivery charges are generally much lower than they would be if you ordered floorboards, as timber flooring is naturally heavier and the material is more bulky. If you already have wall tiles in the room you are considering installing flooring tiles in, then you can create a great aesthetic by matching the styes. When shopping for cheap flooring tiles, be aware that not buying enough could mean that you are left short at the end of the job. Should this happen, you will likely spend far more money, because buying single tiles is not an option as you can generally only buy them in bulk. It is also worth noting that if tiles are damaged, it is very easy to fix. Simply take up the damaged tile and replace it with a new matching tile.


Ceramic Flooring Tiles Melbourne

Ceramic flooring tiles

Flooring tiles are the only means of installing ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles are often the preferential choice for kitchens and bathrooms. This is because they are easy to clean, and do not hide dirt or bacteria like other flooring can. Installation is a little more tricky than the carpet, vinyl or laminate floor tiles Melbourne has to offer. First you must measure your chosen floor. Taking your time to do this right first time will save you much hassle later on.Failure to measure your floor space correctly means that you will have to cut down tiles later to fit into the floor, this will make your floor look unprofessional and mismatched. Next you put down the underlay, if you are installing Melbourne flooring tiles then we recommend a nice thick underlay to beat those chilly winters. Now place the tiles on the floor to plan how your floor will look, after this step cut any tiles that need to fit into oddly shaped corners. The penultimate step is to lay mortar down to secure the flooring tiles onto your floor. Then simply place the tiles on the mortar, wait for it to set and apply pressure to each tile to make sure it is firmly attached to the floor. So for a room that needs a moisture resistant floor that is not too hard to install then look no further than ceramic flooring tiles Melbourne.


Pros and Cons of Tile Flooring Melbourne


Floor tiling is durable, especially ceramic flooring tiles. And due to the nature of tiles, if you need to replace any damaged tiles then it is simply a case of lifting the old tile up and inserting the new tile.Having flooring tiles in a home with pets is a great idea as they can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed. Limit the potential damage a pet can cause with flooring tiles Melbourne.  


Tile flooring is naturally one of the coldest floors you can install, so if warm feet is a priority for you then make sure you install flooring tiles Melbourne over underfloor heating.
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