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Laminate Flooring Cost – 2020 Buying Tips



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Laminate flooring cost depends on a few factors

  1. Laminate flooring price.

  2. Laminate flooring installation cost.

  3. Accessories cost, for example: metal trims, quads, skirting boards removal and installation, underlay.

  4. Cost of subfloor leveling which depends on how bad is the condition.

  5. Delivery cost as sometimes the suppliers do not include this cost in their advertised price.

  6. Cost of existing floor removal and disposal.

for example cost of having a good quality laminate flooring installed in a standard size living room is around $3000. obviously, this price can be less or more depends on many factors as we mentioned earlier as well as the size of the room. 

What’s the best flooring for a kitchen?

by Simona Ganea

People spend a lot of time in the kitchen so the traffic can be very intense. Also, it’s a space designed for cooking and it’s impossible to avoid spills and scratches, regardless how careful you are. It’s why the kitchen flooring is a very important element and the material needs to be carefully chosen. There are several options.

Wood is a very common material. It’s also a warm and elegant material that allows you to create an inviting and cozy décor. Whether you choose solid wood or engineered wood it will wear quickly. The surface is easily damageable and there’s not much you can do after that. It’s why people usually prefer other alternatives for this room of the house.

Ceramic tiles are very beautiful and they are also resistant. There are many variations to choose from and there are not many inconveniences for this material, except maybe for the fact that they can be difficult to install and you may need professional help and that, because of their durability anything you might drop on the floor will probably break.

Plastic laminates can also be a great alternative. They are easy to install and they give you the advantage of a tough and durable material. They are sometimes more durable than wood when it comes to scratches and moisture. They come in a variety of colors and designs. However, they can’t be refinished and large spills will also affect them.

Linoleum used to be quite popular. It’s relatively resistant and it’s effective against moisture, dents and sunlight. It also comes in a large variety of colors and styles. It might not be a very modern choice but it could complement nicely a kitchen.

Vinyl is also a great material because it’s resistant and durable. It’s not affected by sunlight, moisture and stains and they can even replicate other materials such as stone. It’s very easy to install and it gives you the protection your floors need in the kitchen,

Cork Flooring in Melbourne Kitcken

Cork Flooring Melbourne

Cork Flooring Melbourne: A Guide

Cork is something you would usually see in a home, restaurant, hotel or winery, used as a bottle stopper for wine. In offices, cork is generally used for boards, where reminders or memos can be posted. One will not initially think of cork as a material for flooring because of its texture and durability. However, cork flooring is not something new. It has been used in the United States for more than a century. It is favoured by many because it effectively absorbs noise and footfalls. It was commonly seen in cathedrals and libraries, where silence is often required.


What is Cork Flooring?

There are a variety of designs of cork flooring available from different manufacturers. This type of flooring is chosen by many because it is regarded as an environment-friendly flooring.  Since cork naturally has air pockets in its composition, it helps with the insulation of rooms.

Soft surface Cork FlooringIt is also soft to walk on, which could be perfect for rooms where one has to stand for a long time such as kitchens. Noise is also diminished because of cork flooring. Compared to carpets, It does a better job in lessening the noise made by footfalls. The surface of cork flooring can easily be indented and scratched. If furniture is dragged over it, or even the heels of stiletto shoes, it is possible to damage this flooring. Another drawback a consumer should take note of is the fact that cork flooring fades as it gets exposed to light. However, this can easily be managed if you install windows with UV-protective coatings. Weather can also affect the longevity of the cork flooring. It can either swell or become deformed. This is less likely to happen if the humidity levels are maintained at 30-60%.  

Where to Buy Cork Flooring in Melbourne

There are several manufacturers and distributors that cater to the flooring needs of customers from Australia. Some manufacturers in Melbourne offer It that requires no adhesive when you install it. Retailers may also be found in your area, especially in hardware shops. There are also flooring distributors who have websites where you can view the products. However, if you opt to go directly to the manufacturers of cork flooring in Melbourne, there is a higher chance that you can get the products at a lower price. Purchasing cork flooring wholesale is best if you have a large area to cover such as offices or buildings.

How Much Does Cork Flooring Cost in Melbourne?

It can fit any  budget, butt the price depends on the quality of the material itself. You can expect to pay around $30-$50 per square meter.

There is an additional price for the cork flooring per square meter if you ask a professional to install it for you. Discounted cork flooring is usually found in manufacturer’s stores where they often place clearance items on sale. The websites of cork flooring distributors can also give promotional prices, depending on the season.

How to Install Cork Flooring

Freshly installed cork flooring

There are two ways that you can install cork flooring. It can be bought in tile form, and adhesive is generally needed for this type of flooring. This type of installation is the traditional method. The cork flooring is not directly placed on the floor, but rather, a subfloor is installed and prepared initially.

Another way to install It is the floating floor method. There is also a subfloor for this type of method, but the difference is the lack of adhesive required. There is a tongue and groove system on the cork flooring which attaches it together.

It can be installed almost anywhere in a house. The amount of moisture should be taken note of because excessive moisture can affect the quality of the cork flooring. The bathroom is one place that cork flooring should not be placed. It is also not recommended for places that get a lot of foot traffic such as the entryway of a house.

For commercial spaces, a yoga studio can benefit from cork flooring. It lessens noise and it is soft to step on. Gyms are not recommended to have cork flooring as it can get very damp in such places and the heavy equipment will merely damage the flooring.


How to Maintain Cork Flooring

Just like any kind of flooring, proper maintenance of It can lengthen its life. Dampness is one of the major causes of cork flooring damage. If there is a spill, wipe it as soon as possible. Vacuuming and sweeping the floor can help in preventing the accumulation of dirt. There are certain cleaning agents that are especially made for It. This can be used to remove heavy stains that cannot be easily removed with a damp cloth. If cork flooring is installed in rooms where dampness and excessive foot traffic is unavoidable, it is advised to place pads and mats over these areas to prevent damage. Mopping the cork flooring using a wet mop is not good for cork flooring. Use only a damp mop during cleaning times.

Tile Flooring Melbourne

Tile Flooring Melbourne

Tile Flooring Melbourne: A Guide


When it comes to flooring installations, it does not get easier than flooring tiles. Due to their shape, simply place them side by side and fix them to the floor. Carpet tiles even come with adhesive already fixed to the back to make your life even easier. As flooring tiles are available in many different styles and finishes their versatility is endless. From comfortable, cushioned carpet flooring tiles for your lounge, to waterproof vinyl tiles for your bathroom; finding the flooring tiles that Melbourne has to offer will make your home complete. Not only are flooring tiles generally easier to install than most forms of flooring, they are considered one of the cheapest options for flooring you can buy. This price obviously depends upon a range of factors, not least the material your flooring tiles are made of.


Cheap Tile Flooring Melbourne

Cheap Carpet Tile

Discount tile flooring Melbourne can be found in a variety of places. Discount warehouses, clearance centres and even flooring stores having a sale can all lead you to finding your dream floor. With tiles there is less danger when ordering online. Delivery charges are generally much lower than they would be if you ordered floorboards, as timber flooring is naturally heavier and the material is more bulky. If you already have wall tiles in the room you are considering installing flooring tiles in, then you can create a great aesthetic by matching the styes. When shopping for cheap flooring tiles, be aware that not buying enough could mean that you are left short at the end of the job. Should this happen, you will likely spend far more money, because buying single tiles is not an option as you can generally only buy them in bulk. It is also worth noting that if tiles are damaged, it is very easy to fix. Simply take up the damaged tile and replace it with a new matching tile.


Ceramic Flooring Tiles Melbourne

Ceramic flooring tiles

Flooring tiles are the only means of installing ceramic tiles, ceramic tiles are often the preferential choice for kitchens and bathrooms. This is because they are easy to clean, and do not hide dirt or bacteria like other flooring can. Installation is a little more tricky than the carpet, vinyl or laminate floor tiles Melbourne has to offer. First you must measure your chosen floor. Taking your time to do this right first time will save you much hassle later on.Failure to measure your floor space correctly means that you will have to cut down tiles later to fit into the floor, this will make your floor look unprofessional and mismatched. Next you put down the underlay, if you are installing Melbourne flooring tiles then we recommend a nice thick underlay to beat those chilly winters. Now place the tiles on the floor to plan how your floor will look, after this step cut any tiles that need to fit into oddly shaped corners. The penultimate step is to lay mortar down to secure the flooring tiles onto your floor. Then simply place the tiles on the mortar, wait for it to set and apply pressure to each tile to make sure it is firmly attached to the floor. So for a room that needs a moisture resistant floor that is not too hard to install then look no further than ceramic flooring tiles Melbourne.


Pros and Cons of Tile Flooring Melbourne


Floor tiling is durable, especially ceramic flooring tiles. And due to the nature of tiles, if you need to replace any damaged tiles then it is simply a case of lifting the old tile up and inserting the new tile. Having flooring tiles in a home with pets is a great idea as they can be easily cleaned and replaced if needed. Limit the potential damage a pet can cause with flooring tiles Melbourne.  


Tile flooring is naturally one of the coldest floors you can install, so if warm feet is a priority for you then make sure you install flooring tiles Melbourne over underfloor heating.
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