Trench 390PL

Trench 390PL - 15435

Supplier: Signature
Catalog: Groove Plank Carpet Plank
Dimension: 1000mm / 250mm
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Groove planks offer commercial grade performance with stylish design. The high loop, low cut fibre construction offers a pleasing random pattern together with a directional groove that effectively shimmers with different light sources. In cool, monochromatic tones, Groove planks can be combined effectively or used in a single hue and co-ordinate with all carpet tiles.


Type Carpet
Length 1000mm
Width 250mm
Gauge 1/10
Pile Height 4.0mm
Pile Weight 850g/m2
Sheet/ Tile/ Plank Plank
Installation herringbone, ashlar
Carton size 5sqm
Total thickness 7.5mm
Total weight 5.2kg/m2
Construction high loop low cut


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