Labyrinth - 70080

Supplier: Godfrey Hirst
Catalog: Enigma Carpet Plank
Dimension: 7mm / 250mm / 1000mm
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There is simple beauty in mystery that does not require a resolution. The labyrinth of Knossos in Crete is part myth, part unsolved architectural mystery that continues to fascinate those seeking to separate fact from fiction and bring understanding to the enigmatic. Featuring a cryptic and labyrinthine pattern blended with an organic overlay, the deceptively effortless Enigma range provides a textured depth and definition to the floorscape. View Godfrey Hirst Carpet Planks Enigma Specifications View Godfrey Hirst Carpet Planks Enigma Environmental Certificate View Godfrey Hirst Carpet Planks Enigma Fire Test Result


Color Black
Type Carpet
Price $
Darkness Dark
Installation Glue Down
Residential/ Commercial Commercial
Thickness 7mm
width 250mm
Stain Resistance Stain Warden
Pile Weight 813g/m2
Length 1000mm
Sheet/ Tile/ Plank Plank
Gauge 12-Jan

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