Tiling Trends 2016

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  • Published: May 05, 2022
  • Updated: Dec 20, 2022
Tiling Trends 2016

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It’s official, I am obsessed with tiles! Wall tiles and floor tiles have been on my mind for months now. Admittedly, I’ve always been pretty obsessed but since thinking about renovating my own kitchen and bathroom the situation has become far more serious. I am so indecisive when it comes to my own home and being an ardent researcher certainly does not help matters. But in my pursuit of the perfect tiles I have come across a couple of tiling trends that are sure to be big this year and I wanted to share them with you guys. So here goes…

Blue Bolero tiles

I have noticed lots of wonderful images of floor tiles being used almost like area rugs. Rectangular blocks of patterned tiles are placed strategically within a room to ‘zone’ the different areas and do away with the need for a vertical partition. This is particularly helpful in large open plan spaces where all the internal walls that would otherwise define the separate areas may have been removed

Moments Floor And Wall Tiles

The patterned tiles are often surrounded by very plain and simple tiles so that the contrast makes even more of a statement. In some of the images I have seen there is a larger expanse of patterned tiles that dominate the floor leaving a simple border around the edge of the room. And the tiles don’t even have to be made from the same material, but more on that later.

Picasso Natural Light patterned porcelain tile

Whilst this effect can be used to differentiate two distinct spaces, it can also be used to create a flow and seamlessly connect two separate rooms into one coherent space.

Moments Floor And Wall Tiles
Zeinah Moroccan Tiles
Zellij Patchwork Tiles

So that is one trend I have identified for 2016 and the second is the use of tiles in different materials, shapes or shades for the same floor. For example wood flooring (or tiles that look like wood) may be used alongside stone (or tiles that look like stone). And I also noticed that a lot of these techniques feature hexagon tiles, which are my current tiling crush.

Misty Fjord™ Hexagon Polished Tile

Rokkakkei Hexagon Tiles

Surface Mate tiles in Marble Bianco and Terra in Fumo

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