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Solid Timber Flooring Melbourne: A Guide

Solid Hardwood Flooring Melbourne

Timber flooring is a matchless feature that can add charm to a home that only matures with age. Solid timber floors give so much character to a room that its presence dominates any other features that are present. Once you install a new solid timber floor you should be aware that it will almost certainly outlive you. The average lifespan of a solid timber floor is around 100 years. So if nothing else, you can guarantee that this traditional style of floor is far superior in durability than its contemporaries. With so many species of tree available to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to solid timber flooring. Dependent on your budget, you can ship high-quality timber from any species you like. Timber floors are an investment and they will not let you down. So let’s explore this interior design staple.

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What is Solid Timber Flooring?


Unlike many of today’s flooring products, solid timber flooring is almost 100% natural. In fact, the only unnatural element of this flooring is the finish that is laid over the floorboard to help preserve it. The floorboards are sourced directly from trees, so if a sustainable home is important to you, then you are able to find local supplies of hardwood wherever you are in the world. The floorboards can be nailed to the subfloor, but it is always prudent to have some moisture barrier between them. This prevents any excess warping of the floorboards that could be prevented with a little preparation. Due to the nature of timber, it takes a while (it varies between the differing kinds of timber) for the floorboards to acclimatise to the specific conditions of each room. So expect your floor to shrink and to expand as the different seasons come and go.

As there are so many trees around the world, how do you choose which timber to use? Well, there are a few factors to take into account here; first, tradition and location. Felling a tree is no easy task, especially in times of old. Instead of experimenting regularly as to which trees would serve the purpose best, our forefathers would stick to one or two materials that got the job done. Historically it wasn’t very easy to transport logs from one place to another. So another factor that would affect which timber was used for flooring is location. The trees growing locally to you are, by far, the most likely to be used for flooring. Tradition is a powerful human attribute, once something has become traditional, history has shown (many times over) that it can be hard to overcome. So if someone realises that they have only ever seen houses with oak floors, they are unlikely to choose to go for a different material as oak is the standard to which all other floors will be measured. A more recent factor in why certain types of flooring are more popular involves the scientific method. It is widely agreed that a good solid timber floor will be as hard as possible. Today there exists a system to test the hardness of any kind of timber. It is called the Janka Rating and the data is revealed by measuring the amount of force it takes to push a standardized metal ball halfway into the timber. The following chart lists some of the most popular timbers by their Janka Rating:

Janka Rating Solid Timber Floors

Ultimately, the most important factor in your decision making will be the look of the solid timber flooring. This is determined mainly by the wood used in its construction. So let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular solid timber floor materials.


Oak Flooring

Oak trees are renowned for their strength and durability. They are the national symbol for many countries including England. So it is plain to see that why oak floors are generally the go-to choice when it comes to installing new wood flooring. Oak flooring is also popular as it grows freely in most of the world. Oak flooring is simply outstanding in its looks, nothing really compares to the luxury feel that the floor has. It is also one of the best hardwood floors you can choose to install in your home if you live in a humid place, like Australia.The humidity can play havoc with your hardwood flooring, it can expand and shrink often, but oak flooring is as stable as a hardwood floor can be.


Hickory Flooring

Hickory floors look unique, and if you want to show off your style and taste then this could well be the option for you. Their grainy and natural look really stands out when compared to other solid timber floors as a hickory floor can look almost mismatched due to the varied nature of the timber. Installing this hardwood floor could be a challenge as the varied pattern will be hard to tame if you have little or no experience


Jarrah Flooring

Jarrah is a universally popular choice for timber flooring. It ages fantastically to the point that with age its deep maroon tones get deeper and look even more refined. It is also one of the world’s hardest timbers, with a Janka Rating of 2082 which puts it higher than even oak. Jarrah is a popular choice for those who want a classy and solid floor but do not want to go with oak. Its toughness is a major selling point and you can rely on this floor to outlast most over hardwood floors.

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How is Solid Timber Flooring Made?


Solid Timber Floorboards

First, the timber is cut into boards in a sawmill. Once the timber has been cut to size it is sent to the factory. Here the boards go through quality control to make sure they are fit for purpose. After which they are dried in a kiln for up to 35 days. The boards are now cut into different widths and lengths and are sorted accordingly. Then the installation system is carved into the boards. Today the most common installation system is tongue and groove. These boards are then measured for quality control again. At this stage, if a floorboard is found to be inconsistent with the line, it is scrapped.


The unfinished solid timber floorboards are now ready to be stored in the warehouse until sold. But floorboards that are destined to be prefinished make their way to another factory. It is here that they are treated with a variety of dyes and polishes depending on the particular design that they are to adhere to. The prefinished floorboards are then put through another drying process. Once fully dry and having gone through another round of quality control, these floorboards are also ready to be stored in a warehouse ready for sale.

Solid Timber Flooring Melbourne Prices


The costs of solid timber flooring varies based on a few factors, most notably; whether the floor is prefinished or unfinished. The average cost of unfinished solid timber flooring is $45 per square metre. And while this is undoubtedly cheaper than having a prefinished hardwood floor, you will have to pay to have your floor finished after the installation. Prefinished hardwood floors cost around $75 per square metre, but once they have been installed your floor is ready to use.


Another factor to consider that influences the price of solid timber flooring is locality. If you have your heart set on a specific timber, and that timber is not local to you, then be prepared to pay extra for shipping and custom charges. As with any important purchase, it is highly advisable that you fully research the product and any charges that may be involved before making a purchase. Australia has a particularly strict timber importing policy. This is due to the fact that Australia is free from many of the furniture-destroying insects and parasites that plague Europe, Asia and America. If you are importing your solid timber floorboards you will need to be certain that it is free from any insect invasion, and you will need to explicitly declare what the contents of your shipment include. Failure to follow this procedure could lead to your hardwood floor being delayed at border control and could mean serious delays for your flooring project.


The installation method of your new solid timber floor is an important aspect to take into account. If you have decided to lay parquet flooring then your installation team will charge you more than they would for more standard installations. With parquetry, you will need to book an experienced installation team. It is such an intricate style of solid timber flooring that one mistake could ruin the aesthetics of the floor. The installation process can be carried out on top of any subfloor, and requires glue to be laid down below the tiles. Your experienced installation team will then expertly lay the tiles down in the correct sequence so your floor will match the style that you have chosen.

Cheap Solid Wood FlooringHardwood flooring can be laid as solid strip flooring or overlay solid timber flooring. Overlay flooring is thinner than solid strip flooring as it is designed to be laid over perfectly level surfaces. This form of installation is more versatile and allows you to lay a floor you would otherwise struggle to based on the environment. Both forms of installation use a similar laying process except for how the boards are fastened to the subfloor. Overlay can be glued onto the subfloor, whilst solid strip must be nailed to the subfloor.

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When looking for timber floors, it is a great idea to find discounted timber, as the expense of laying this kind of floor can be high. But be sure to carefully check as much of the timber as you can, as cheap solid timber flooring can be warped or damaged. Cheap flooring can often be found in discount solid timber flooring outlets, but be sure to buy your timber in matching sizes, with matching installation systems and matching styles. This will prevent any waste during the installation process.


Best Melbourne Solid Timber Flooring Brands



Embelton Solid timber Brand

Embelton’s range of Australian solid timber flooring is market-leading. They are Australia’s biggest suppliers and have an unbeatable selection of options for your new hardwood floor. Embelton has sold real timber floors since 1925 and are an authority on Australian floors. Still a family owned business, Embelton works hard to ensure that it’s wholesome and respectable image is kept intact. Coming with 25-year warranties, Embelton is a great choice if you want your new solid timber floor to come from local, sustainable sources.



Boral Solid Timber Brand

Boral is one of the most respected names in the flooring industry, their range of products is great, meaning that you are guaranteed a quality floor when you purchase one of Boral’s solid timber floors. With a wide range of flooring types, Boral has all the reputation and experience you could want with installing one of their floors in your home. Boral also provide a good selection of Australian solid timber floors.


4 Reasons to Choose Solid Timber Flooring


Smarter Solid Timber Flooring

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the real thing. Timber flooring remains a popular choice amongst homeowners; and with its many benefits, it’s not hard to see why. Solid timber flooring comes in a huge range of styles and is extremely durable, making it an easy choice for many.


Reason #1: Durability

For those looking primarily for high-quality flooring, you can’t go wrong with solid timber flooring. Solid timbers high durability ensures it lasts for decades with little maintenance. While it is more expensive than other flooring types, the durability of solid timber flooring makes the extra cost worth it.


Reason #2: Easy maintenance

Cleaning solid timber flooring is incredibly easy, requiring only a simple sweep for the most part. In comparison to carpet, solid timber floors can’t be stained whereas carpets can be quite easy to stain. The occasional wood cleaner can be used to keep the floors sparkling and looking like new.


Reason #3: Easy to refurbish

Solid timber floors can be sanded and polished time and time again to refresh them and give them that shiny new look once again. This means that any dents, scratches or scuffs can simply be sanded away, revealing a fresh new layer of timber that looks brand new. The ease of refurbishment with solid timber floors is part of the reason why its so durable, as any degradation that may occur can be easily fixed.

Reason #4: Appearance

As far as interiors go, you simply can’t beat the appearance of solid timber floors. Nothing lends a home elegance and timelessness like genuine, solid timber flooring. It creates a sense of luxuriousness and opulence and adds a touch of class and decadence to your home.


Solid Timber Flooring FAQ


Unique Solid Timber Floors

Why Should I Choose Solid Timber Flooring?

Solid timber floors are timeless and are always in style, they will lend a touch of elegance to your home. Solid timber floors are also durable and long lasting. With the proper care and maintenance, they will last you a lifetime.


Can Solid Timber Floors Be Sanded Down?

Yes they can. This is a big part of their appeal, and what makes them so long lasting. Timber floors are considered such a good investment because any flaws or degradation the timber accumulates over time can be easily sanded away. A finishing polish after the sanding down of your timber floor gets it looking like brand new again – as though you have just installed them. Therefore, any scratches or dents that may occur can be easily eliminated.

How Many Times Can a Tongue and Groove Timber Floor Be Sanded?

The number of times a tongue and groove timber floor can be sanded depends on who sands it. Normally there will be around 7mm of timber before the tongue that can be sanded down. This means that if you hire a professional to sand the board, it can be down about 5-6 times. If you choose to do it yourself, however, you could possibly sand much more than is needed, reducing the number of times you will be able to sand it later on down the road. For this reason, we recommend you hire a professional to sand your timber floors.


How Do I Clean My New Solid Timber Floor?

It is relatively easy to keep a solid timber floor clean. All it needs is a quick vacuum or sweep to remove dirt and debris. For stains and spills, simply use cleaning products that are approved for timber floors.


Will a Timber Floor Dent and Scratch?

Yes. Just like any other genuine wood product, timber floors do get dents and scratches. However, you can sand dents and scratches away, and they can be avoided with proper care and maintenance. For example, we recommend purchasing felt tips from a hardware store like Bunnings to protect your timber floors from furniture. We also advise that you choose a timber floor that ranks high on the Janka Rating if you have children or pets, or are planning to install solid timber floors in an area with high foot traffic.


How Will Moisture Affect The Floor?

High moisture exposure could cause the joints to expand and buckle. For this reason, we advise against installing solid timber flooring in areas with moisture exposure. Please take this into account when purchasing and installing solid timber flooring.


Are Some Timber Floors Harder Than Others?

Yes. Each species of wood has a different hardness ranking, which is measured using the Janka test. We encourage our customers to consider how hard they think their floor needs to be, with things like high foot traffic, children and pets being factors that can necessitate a harder timber floor.


Can I Attach Timber Floorboards Directly to Concrete?

Yes, this is possible. However, please take into consideration that this is a highly tricky process, and is best done by a professional. This is due to the necessity of the appropriate timber selection as well as the correct installation method, both of which are crucial to a successful installation.


Easy Maintenance Solid Timber Floor

What Is The Average Lifespan of Solid Timber Floors?

Solid timber floors are a lifetime investment. With the proper care and maintenance, solid timber floors can last a lifetime.


Can I Put Solid Timber Floors In My Bathroom or Laundry?

Unfortunately, timber floors are not appropriate for these areas, due to the high moisture exposure. Installing your solid timber flooring in damp areas such as these is likely to cause the joints to expand and buckle, thereby ruining your floor. For this reason, the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover solid timber flooring installed in these areas.


Solid Timber Flooring Pros and Cons


Solid Timber Flooring Installation


Durable If durability is a key factor when you are deciding on a new floor then look no further than timber flooring. Having a floor that you know is likely to outlast you, is a reward for choosing the best.


Easy to Renew Unlike other styles of flooring, solid timber floors can be renewed almost indefinitely. Simply sanding away any blemishes and adding a new layer of polish will help any timber floor to return to its natural elegant state.


Timeless Elegance Solid timber floors are simply the most iconic floors money can buy. From medieval castles to modern art galleries, timber floors have been an interior design staple for centuries. A good addition to any home.




Hard to Install For all the positive aspects of solid timber flooring, it is one of the very hardest floors that you can install in a room. Like any DIY job no matter how difficult the job may be, using the right tools will make your job much easier. Unfortunately, attaining all the right tools is no cheap task.


Expense Solid Timber flooring is expensive for a reason, it is the best floor your money can buy. But installing a timber floor is a sizeable expensive as is purchasing the material.


We Suggest

There is little more impressive than walking into a house and becoming aware of an impressive solid timber floor. Having a hallway, dining room, or bedroom with a solid timber floor is a satisfying situation. If you have the opportunity to add some elegance to your home then what is stopping you?

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