Parquet Flooring Melbourne

Parquet Flooring Melbourne

Parquet Flooring Melbourne

Parquet Flooring Melbourne: A Guide

One of the most sought-after types of flooring nowadays is parquet flooring. This type of hardwood flooring is different from its contemporaries due to being made up of small boards of timber. This intricacy makes it easier to create various complicated designs. Unlike more uniform hardwood floors which can only be laid side by side, parquet flooring can be laid out in different patterns to come up with a beautiful mosaic-like design. However, there are some who would still prefer hardwood flooring over parquet flooring because it creates a minimalist effect. Installing standard timber flooring is also less meticulous because due to the average size of the floorboards. In terms of durability, there is not much difference between the parquet flooring and solid timber flooring.

There are endless ways to design parquet flooring. If you are an avid DIY fan and would like to do the installation yourself, then this project is perfect for you. However, if you are inexperienced, it will be more sensible if you simply decide on the design that you want and have a professional install it for you. The different patterns you can create with parquet flooring shows that this type of flooring is very versatile.

It is also soft to walk on, which could be perfect for rooms where one has to stand for a long time such as kitchens. Noise is also diminished because of cork flooring. Compared to carpets, It does a better job in lessening the noise made by footfalls. The surface of cork flooring can easily be indented and scratched. If furniture is dragged over it, or even the heels of stiletto shoes, it is possible to damage this flooring. Another drawback a consumer should take note of is the fact that cork flooring fades as it gets exposed to light. However, this can easily be managed if you install windows with UV-protective coatings. Weather can also affect the longevity of the cork flooring. It can either swell or become deformed. This is less likely to happen if the humidity levels are maintained at 30-60%.

The following patterns are typical styles of parquet flooring Melbourne home owners typically install.


Haddon hall




Du Maurier

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