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Laminate flooring has been a popular and sensible choice for homes in Melbourne for decades. It’s versatility and the variety of styling options really help it stand out in a competitive market. When it comes to versatile flooring there is little better than laminate. Any design – in any style – in any shape, laminate flooring may well be the option for you. A big favourite for pet owners, the laminate is renowned for its durability. Whilst hardwood floors tend to scratch dent easily, it is generally around a decade before laminate starts to show signs of wear. One piece of key advice that should be noted, is always be sure to see and feel the laminate flooring before purchasing. Only by doing this can you be sure that the floor is the right one for you.


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What is Laminate Flooring?

A laminate floor is generally made with 4 sections. Each portion serves a purpose and helps make laminate one of the most durable floors you can buy.

First, there is a layer of plastic that will be closest to your subfloor. This layer is named the backing and plays an important part in protecting your laminate flooring long-term. With most types of floor, the number one cause for irreparable damage is water. Once water is allowed to seep into your floor, the damage caused can be catastrophic and usually costs much money to repair or replace. But this plastic section prevents any water that may find its way to your floor from touching the sections of your floor most susceptible to water damage. This makes it somewhat unique when compared to other styles of flooring, as water is not seen as such a threat. This plastic also prevents moisture from infiltrating your laminate. In any house or room, there is always the possibility that moisture will form. The climate, both inside and out directly affect this moisture build-up.

The next section exists to provide some rigidity for the floor. It is normally made up of a light timber or engineered timber. This is called the substrate and is the bulkiest part of your floor. It is the main source of strength for your floor and is very important for the overall durability. Another name for this layer is the inner core. The inner core or substrate is normally created with a waterproof resin which gives your floor an extra insurance against water damage. The combination of the backing and the inner core make for some serious water damage prevention.

Layers of Laminate FlooringYour chosen design makes up the third section, this is the part which you see and will generally swing your decision as to which laminate floor to choose. With the technology available to laminate flooring manufactures today, any design can be implemented with your floor. Often timber or stone effects are preferred, but there are some truly magnificent examples of laminate flooring decorating people’s homes all over the world. The image printed on this section of your laminate floor is generally an extremely high resolution picture of timber, stone tile or whatever you chose to be featured on your new floor. Using the very finest photography and printing technology, you are assured that your new laminate flooring can be no better. The higher quality the print, the longer you can expect it to last with little or no fading.

The final section to laminate flooring is the finish which is normally an extremely hard wearing but thin layer of melamine. This amazingly durable layer can be made even tougher by mixing in specific resins. For instance this layer can be given fire retardant properties if mixed with a certain resin. This allows you to have a floor that is perfectly suited to your situation. Which is precisely why laminate flooring is so popular in Melbourne, and indeed, the world.


What Types of Laminate Flooring are there?

Laminate flooring is sorted by two different categories: installation method and surface style. Depending on your specific needs these categories will have different priorities, but both will play a part in your decision making process.


How to Install Laminate Flooring


Laminate Floors Installation

Click Lock Installation

There are 2 main methods of installing laminate floorboards. The first is by far the most popular way to install laminate and is called click lock style. This method requires no glue or nails and has only the bare minimum of preparation time. To install using this method, simply push the two boards together so their sides connect. This connection process works as the boards have a built in mechanism that enables the the edge of one board to enter the groove of the other board. So as you push the boards together be sure that the board with the connecting edge enters the corresponding groove at an angle of about 45 degrees. Once the boards are connected push firmly onto the angled board until you hear a click. That sound means that the boards have been successfully connected and you can continue the process for the rest of the room. This method is so popular because it so simple and anyone can do it as long as they have the patience and foresight to plan. A click lock installation is also good as it means you can remove the floor fairly easily compared to a glued installation.

Glue Installation

A laminate floor glue installation is the more traditional way of installing a laminate floor in your home. The only difference between these two installation techniques is that you use glue instead of a click lock system to connect the boards. There is still an edge and groove, and you will still push the boards together. Even if you do have a click lock laminate floor, sometimes it is worth applying glue also. If you are expecting fairly frequent liquid spills or many people will walk over the area; gluing your boards together could be the best option. The glue acts as an extra defence against moisture and helps the boards remain in position more securely. We advise that you purchase specialist flooring glue before attempting this project. When you apply the glue the most important thing to remember is not to apply too much. You need just a little glue, too much and the glue will ooze out over and under your floorboards. If, when you push your boards together, excess glue does leak out, then quickly wipe away with a cloth. Once your new laminate flooring has been successfully laid and glued, leave the floor to set for at least 24 hours before walking on it.

As with any flooring job, be sure to measure out your room beforehand and take your time as you measure and cut boards. Laying floorboards always requires you to cut the boards as you go. This is because every room is generally a different size so every room will need a different amount of boards. You will need a circular saw or a handsaw to cut the boards down to their appropriate sizes, we suggest using a circular saw as it makes your job easier and smarter. As you lay out the rows, you will notice that the space left at the end of each row is different each time and does not naturally fit the size of any of your boards. So take a full board and lay on top of the remaining gap and mark with a pencil where the gap and previous floorboard interconnect. Then cut your new floorboard, following the pencil mark and your board should fit snuggly into the gap. Continue this procedure around the room until you have a brand new, completed laminate floor.

Find out more about installing your own laminate flooring.

What Are the Different Surface Styles of Laminate Flooring?

Best Laminate Flooring Style

You are probably already aware that laminate flooring comes in all kinds of different styles, colours and textures. But understanding the full choice that you have is important so you find exactly the right floor for your home. The surface options for laminate flooring can be divided into the categories: effect style and finish.  

Laminate Floor effect Style

The effect style of laminate flooring relates to the digitally printed image that constitutes the third layer of laminate flooring. The most popular effects for laminate flooring Melbourne are wood and stone. Wood effects are very high-quality images which are printed onto the board. These images are almost indistinguishable from hardwood flooring, and as a much cheaper option, it is not hard to understand their popularity. Common choices for wood effects include oak, pine and maple. When compared side-to-side with the real thing, you will hard-pressed to pick the true hardwood. Other options are marble and stone effects. As with any flooring options, the quality of these images vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and material to material. It is also possible to custom-make your own laminate flooring image, where you can choose to have any digital image printed onto your laminate.

Different Laminate Finishes

The next step in choosing what Laminate flooring to install in your home is choosing the finish. The finishes available for your selection are: gloss, high gloss, embossed and distressed. Some brands even have the option to make the finish extra scratch resistant or fire retardant.

Gloss and High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Gloss laminate flooring has long been the most popular finish for your floor. Normally laminate flooring comes with a layer of gloss which gives the floor a nice shine. But high gloss laminate flooring is also available which gives your floor extra shine and looks similar to a highly polished and varnished hardwood floor. If you want a more realistic looking floor that more closely resembles hardwood then choose to have a lower gloss finish. Most forms of gloss help maintain the image quality of your floor and will prolong the life of your laminate.

High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Embossed Laminate Flooring

Embossed laminate flooring helps to make the wood or stone effects that you have chosen appear more realistic by adding a 3d aspect to your floor. For example, if you have chosen a stone effect laminate image; having the texture of stone which complements the high quality image gives your floor a more realistic look. Embossed laminate flooring is achieved by having a special textured plate attached to the press used to form the different sections of laminate together. Embossed laminate is available in all kinds of designs from wood grain to aged wood. Embossed laminate flooring generally costs more than other finishes, so be sure that you have a high-quality image which complements the high-quality finish.

Distressed Laminate Flooring

Distressed laminate is a finish achieved by “scratching” the laminate. This process begins by having a gloss, high gloss or embossed finish added to the floorboards. Then that finish is usually hand scraped or machine scraped to give the floor a rustic look. As rustic hardwood is a very sought after product, having distressed laminate is a desirable alternative that does not cost anywhere near the same amount of money. If authenticity is a key influence on your decision for a new floor, then distressed laminate is the choice for you.

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The History of Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a relatively new flooring material. It was first made commercially available in 1996 by a Swedish company named Pergstorp. Europe and the United States of America quickly adopted this new technology and the rest of the world followed not long after. Before being used in flooring, laminate could be found in almost every household in the Western world. From tiles to countertops, the versatile laminate has always been a practical option for many homes.

Cost of Laminate flooring Melbourne

The overall price you will pay to install laminate flooring in your home depends on a number of factors. Chiefly, the services you require and the materials you buy.

Floor Laminate Installation Price

Laminate Flooring Melbourne Prices

When it comes to your new floor, you have many choices to make before you can sit back and enjoy the new flooring in your home. After you have chosen the style, colour, finish and brand of your floor; you can decide how you want it installed.

If you have already purchased the materials then you simply need to decide whether to do the installation yourself, or pay a professional flooring installation team to do it. As most laminate flooring can be installed using the click lock system, a DIY floor installation is a completely viable option this will also be the lowest laminate floor installation cost Melbourne has to offer. But as with any home improvement task, doing a good job first time is vital. For this reason it is highly advisable that you have a professional flooring installation team install you cheap laminate floor. Most installation teams can be found on a variety of online websites or are offered by the store where you purchased your material. Some companies offer a mobile showroom where a team will show you samples of all the different kinds of discount Melbourne laminate floorings that are available. Choosing a mobile showroom means that you can choose a new floor and an installation date from the comfort of your own home. Buying the laminate flooring from the same company as the installation team usually means you can expect to get the cheapest laminate floor to buy including all costs.

Otherwise, you can browse local and national stores to find the discounted laminate floor that you want. If you want a potentially cheaper alternative to buying cheap laminate flooring at a store you can try and find clearance laminate flooring from wholesalers. This method requires time and you will most likely have to be pragmatic when it comes to the specific style of your discount laminate floor. Buying Melbourne laminate floors direct is not the easiest method, but may be one of the cheapest ways to obtain the cheapest laminate floor.

If you decide to go with a professional installation team, the prices range from $15-25 per square meter. They will come to your house and if needed will prepare your room. This extra work is normally not included on the original price, but does not normally cost too much more to complete. Once they arrive, the installers will first move any furniture that is remaining in your chosen room. After the room has been cleared of furniture, the team will then begin to remove the floor currently occupying the floor space. When this floor has been disposed of, the installation team will examine the subfloor. If this floor is uneven then they will have to level it out. This needs to happen as any uneven portions of the subfloor can damage the longevity of your new laminate flooring. If your new laminate floor is laid over an uneven floor then it is likely that your floor will bulge. This bulge will wear much quicker than the rest of the floor and could result in you spending to replace a large portion of flooring.

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Cheapest Melbourne Laminate Flooring Brands

Cheap Laminate Flooring Melbourne

Every brand of laminate flooring has different properties which make them unique. Whilst you should always shop around when you want to buy cheap laminate floors in Melbourne, choosing a respected brand is a wise decision. These brands are generally respected because they are of a good quality and have good warranties covering them. Below are the best options for the cheapest Melbourne laminate flooring brands.

CQ Laminate Flooring

Quick-Step is one of the most respected flooring brands, even aside from laminate flooring. Having been in the business since the 1990’s, we have experience on our side. A hallmark of quality that CQ gives is the 25-year warranty for your new laminate floor. This coupled with the extra strong scratch-resistant layer makes CQ Laminate is an attractive choice of brand for your new floor.  Not only do we offer you this great warranty, but also the patented Uniclic installation system was designed for use on CQ products. This means that even installing CQ Laminate flooring is steeped in quality.


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Benefits of CQ Laminate Flooring

Buy Laminate Flooring

CQ Laminate flooring has many benefits, making it the perfect choice for flooring for many homeowners. Laminate floors are hugely versatile, low in price, and incredibly easy to clean and maintain. In addition, laminate flooring is convenient in that it is sold in varying sizes.

Convenient Sizing

Whereas hardwood planks are produced in large sizes of eight or ten feet, laminate flooring comes in convenient four-foot planks. It can also be sold in tiles in many varying sizes.


The versatility of laminate floors can be crucial to homeowners. Not only can laminate flooring be sold in a range of different styles identical to hardwood, it is also available in stone and ceramic styles.


The ease of cleaning and maintenance that laminate flooring necessitates is one of its most attractive benefits. The outer wear layer of laminate flooring largely protects it from almost all stains and spills.

In terms of regular maintenance, all laminate flooring requires is the occasional quick sweep or vacuum to remove accumulated dirt and dust.

Easy Installation

Installation of laminate flooring usually needs only a sheet of underlayment material. From then, you simply snap the planks or tiles into one another, according to the layout of the room. The floor of an entire room can be finished this way in only a day

Another benefit of the ease of installation with laminate floors is that it can be placed over nearly any existing floor type. Excepting carpet, laminate flooring can be installed on top of many floor materials, as long as a moisture barrier is put in place, and water accumulation is avoided best as possible.

Resistance to Degradation

Laminate floors are naturally resistant to many factors that discolour other floor types. The outer layer protects the material from dirt and smudges from general wear and tear, making it the perfect floor material for areas with high foot traffic, such as hallways and entrances. It is also naturally resistant to UV rays, making it a popular choice for sunrooms.

Laminate flooring is also naturally resistant to mould and bacteria growth.

Ease of Expansion and Acclimation

Due to laminate floors not being installed with adhesive, expansion and contraction of laminate floor areas can be carried out with ease.

Hardwood needs to acclimate to the temperature and pressure of a new area for three to six weeks. Therefore, hardwood flooring needs to sit in a new environment for this period of time before it can be used.

In comparison, laminate flooring can be used as normal in only 36 hours.

Melbourne Laminate Flooring FAQ

Laminate Flooring Cleaning

What is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is made up of four layers fused together to create the ultimate in durability with endlessly versatile styles. It is available in hardwood styles, as well as stone and ceramic styles. This style of flooring offers the aesthetic value of these other styles, but provides a more durable and cost-efficient flooring option.

Will My Laminate Floor Get Dents and Scratches?

Laminate flooring does not dent or scratch like other floors do, but they are not completely immune to dents and scratches either.

Can I sand  My Laminate Floor?

No. With laminate flooring, there is absolutely no need to sand your floor. Its high level of durability ensures that your floor will look exactly the same as it did the day it was installed.

How Durable is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is easily the most durable flooring option available. It is incredibly resistant to dents, with it being nearly impossible to dent. This makes a huge difference to other flooring materials, which are known to dent easily.

Can I Install Laminate Over Carpet?

No. It is not possible to install laminate over carpet. All of the carpet has to be removed prior to the laminate flooring installation. If carpet is left underneath the new floor it will cause springing when the floor is walked upon and could lead to gaps between the joints. Carpet also needs to be removed due to hygiene reasons, such as the build up of mould and mildew.

Are Laminate Floors Easy to Clean?

They are incredibly easy to clean. It has an outerwear layer that protects it from the majority of spills and stains. All that is needed to maintain a laminate floor is a quick sweep or vacuum.

Are Laminate Floors Suitable for Allergy Sufferers?

Laminate floors are one of the best choices in flooring for allergy sufferers. Due to being so easy to clean, there is no accumulation of dirt or dust.

Will The Colour of Laminate Flooring Fade?

No. Good quality laminate flooring shouldn’t fade in colour.

Timber Flooring VS Laminate Flooring

As with deciding on any flooring material, there are numerous factors that have to be taken into consideration before you can decide which flooring is suitable for you. If you are trying to decide between timber or laminate flooring, ask yourself the following: will the area have high foot traffic? Be used by children or pets? If keeping to a low budget is important, laminate flooring is the much less expensive option.

Laminate Flooring Pros and Cons

Best Laminate Flooring


Very Pet Friendly One chief reason that people choose to install laminate flooring in their home is because unlike its contemporaries, laminate does not scratch, dent or dull nearly as quickly. This means that you do not have to worry that your pet will damage your lovely new floor. One word of advice though, don’t let cat food stick to the floor as it can be hard to remove.

Easy to Install  From a DIY perspective, laminate really stands out from hardwood options. Laminate floors dispense with the need for large power tools and saws. With some careful planning and some common sense your home could be laminated before you can say “value for money.”

Great Value for Money Laminate is one of the very cheapest options in the floorings market. It does not require the skilful felling of trees and the subsequent time-consuming manufacturing process that hardwood floors have to go through.


Visible Scuff Marks Dark laminate in particular tends to easily show dirt and stains. Whether pet hair or dust, laminate does not give you much chance at skipping cleaning. Unfortunately blemishes are easily seen and you should expect to be cleaning your laminate more regularly than other styles of flooring.

Repair Although laminate tends to avoid receiving damage for long periods of time, at some point it is likely that there will be some damage done. When this happens it is virtually impossible to repair. This means that you will generally end up replacing part or all of the laminate flooring after damage has been done.


We Suggest

Laminate is best suited to rooms where you expect heavy traffic and lots of wear. This makes it the ideal choice for young families or households with pets (particularly dogs). Invest in laminate to last you for the next few decades and you will not be disappointed.

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