The Ideal Flooring for Indoor Pets

The Ideal Flooring for Indoor Pets

The Ideal Flooring for Indoor Pets

Designing your perfect home can be be a thrilling hobby but it can also come with a lot of responsibilities, especially if there are four legged creatures roaming about your house! A very common question in the flooring business is: what is the ideal flooring for indoor pets? We have narrowed them down and ranked our top three:

1. Bamboo

Bamboo flooring will always be the most attractive choice for our customers because its features create an ambiance of timeless elegance and it leaves a better environmental impact on the planet. It is renewable and biodegradable! Bamboo flooring is popular at homes mainly because of its durability and it is easy to maintain. Our expert’s advice is to stay away from stained bamboo as it is more likely to highlight paw marks and dents. Although bamboo flooring has become a highly trendy material, one of its cons is that it requires regular maintenance. If stains are not quickly cleaned, it will most likely lead to discolouration (the acid in urine can discolour floors and damage them — when cleaning, don’t use ammonia but vinegar and warm water).

Tip: The harder the surface, the less chance of having dents and scratches. Did you also know that bamboo flooring is fire resistant? By choosing bamboo flooring, owners would be choosing a safer environment for their animals.

3. Vinyl Flooring

Owner of adorable but messy pets? Say no more. Vinyl flooring is the way to go. Not only is it easy to maintain but also easy to clean. Vinyl flooring is moisture resistant, water resistant, and even stain resistant. Most importantly, it is ranked number one in our list because vinyl flooring wraps and absorbs any noise made on the ground: from the clicking noise of heels to the paw noises from the pet’s nails. If you want to choose a comfortable flooring for your pet, vinyl flooring is considered to be soft under the foot compared to stone and tile — especially for those who own energetic critters. If you own a pet that sheds a lot, luckily vinyl is highly demanded and so it is available in every colour and pattern imaginable. That way, fur and other dust will not be so noticeable.

All in all, choosing the right type of flooring involves balancing and considering a lot of factors depending on needs and expectations — factors such as: safety, comfort, durability, resilience, and more. We always believe there is a perfect flooring match to every home.

2. Laminate

What is cheaper and more durable than hardwood? Laminate Flooring; it is very popular among pet owners for many reasons — besides the fact that it is very affordable. Laminate’s hard surface can withstand harsh treatment by animals and is also resistant to moisture. Even though some might argue that laminate flooring is not as durable as vinyl, it will definitely last longer than wood. The scratch-invisible and pet-stain resistant flooring will look flawless with any arrangement of furniture. One thing shoppers should consider about laminate is that it amplifies the sound of footsteps and can be slippery for some animals. To fix this, we recommend rugs in the areas with high foot-traffic to create safety and comfort. Still not convinced? A lot of customers use laminate flooring as a temporary fix. Because it is so cheap, a lot prefer laminate flooring when their children and pets are young and upgrade it to hardwood floors at a later date.

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