Hybrid Flooring

What Is Multilayer Hybrid Flooring Made Of?

  1. PUR and PVC treatment of hybrid flooring provide super scuff and stain resistant. These specs also make it hard wearing, high impact resistance and making cleaning a breeze.
  2. The embossed decorative layer i.e. the second layer of multilayer hybrid flooring not only replicates the look of an authentic hardwood floor but also the feeling.
  3. As another pro, the composition of PVC and limestone core system features waterproofheat resistant and stable in even extreme temperatures environments.
  4. The 1.5 MM high-density(minimum 600 per cube meters) rubber acoustic underlay made to improve echo/ impacts and a great feeling of comfort underfoot. With the attached rubber underlay cost and price of hybrid flooring will be saved by about $5 comparing to other types of floating floors. This combination also has made the hybrid flooring one of the best floating floor systems in terms of acoustics ranking in Melbourne and even whole Australia based on the flooring experts and even user reviews.
CQ Hybrid Flooring Vinyl Plank Oak Lacey

Hybrid Flooring Reviews in Australia

As hybrid flooring is the latest innovation in the flooring industry including Australia, there are not many reviews from consumers available yet. We know that it is combining the best specifications of laminate and vinyl plank flooring i.e. durabilityand waterproofness. Hybrid Flooring is actually the first rigid floating floor which can be installed throughout the entire home including bathroom, laundry, and kitchen in Australia. Also can be laid on top of existing tiles due to being not very thick comparing to the other types of floating floors. CQ Flooring is one of the first companies who introduced the hybrid flooring to Australia’s flooring market as our first hybrid floor batch landed here on Feb 2017. As it was a very new product and not many reviews were available in Australia, we decided to test it in our own showroom so we laid Hybrid Flooring in our Altona North showroom in an area of more than 300 m2! After more than two years now here is the oldest hybrid review in Australia: there is not even one single scratch or dent, there is no water damaged area even though our customers walk in with their wet shoes on rainy days. The last review we can confirm is that there are no structural issues due to expansion and contraction due to humidity and temperature changes! You are welcome to come and inspect it yourself at 5/216 Balckshaws Road Altona North.


CQ Hybrid Flooring Vinyl Plank Oak Mountain

Best Hybrid Flooring Installation Types And It’s Cost/ Price

Hybrid flooring installation depends on the type of the click system i.e. Valinge 5G or Drop Lock. Price of having hybrid flooring installed depends on the cost of installation which can include the cost of old floor removal, subfloor preparation and even skirting boards removal and reinstalled(optional). Just to have an idea, the cost of having a good quality hybrid flooring installed in a standard size living room, dining and hallway are around $3000. obviously, this price can be less or more depends on many factors as we mentioned earlier like the size of the room, preparation, etc.