4 Reasons to Choose Bamboo Flooring

Why Should You Choose Bamboo Flooring?


Bamboo flooring is an attractive option to those homeowners looking to create timeless elegance, but save on the high cost of traditional hardwood floors. Bamboo flooring is very similar in looks to hardwood flooring, but is more durable, ecologically friendly, and can be purchased at a much lower cost.

Elegant bamboo flooring

Reason #1: Elegant Style

Bamboo flooring adds a touch of class to any room, making it the most viable choice for many homeowners with a flair for design. It retains all the elegance of classic hardwood floors, but adds a unique twist to any room. Bamboo flooring can help you save on costs while creating a floor space that is chic, timeless, and distinctive.

Natural environmentally friendly Bamboo

Reason #2: Environmentally Friendly

Consideration of the environment while constructing and purchasing building materials has become a massive aspect of the building and design industry. Taking the environmental impact of your flooring product into account when choosing which flooring material to use is important.

Bamboo flooring is environmentally friendly in that it is much more ecological than hardwood. Being made from a natural resource, Bamboo flooring still retains that natural aesthetic that makes hardwood floors so popular. But when comparing the two, bamboo flooring is the better option, as bamboo is highly renewable. Bamboo takes only 3 – 5 years to grow back into maturity, whereas the wood used for hardwood floors takes upwards of twenty years to grow back into full maturity.


Reason #3: Durability

In terms of durability, bamboo flooring is much more resilient than hardwood flooring. Bamboo excels over hardwood flooring in virtually every area. It is more water resistant, making it a much better flooring material for areas that may have water exposure, such as kitchens or bathrooms. It is also easier to maintain, requiring only the occasional sweep or vacuum for dust, dirt and grit.

Easily Refurbished Bamboo

Reason #4: Easier To Refurbish

The ease and speed with which Bamboo flooring can be refurbished is one of its greatest benefits. Bamboo flooring holds up spectacularly well under refurbishment, with sanding and polishing being an excellent way to remove any discolouration or scratches and get it looking like brand new again. Refurbishment is so easy, you can do it yourself if you have the right tools.

Easy to install bamboo flooring


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