Floating Floors Melbourne – Floorboards Buying & Installation Guide

Floating floor Melbourne

Floating Floors Melbourne in Living Room

Floating timber floors are a category of timber flooring, which relates to how this style of flooring is constructed. In essence, a floating floor is simply a floor that is not attached to the subfloor, but sits above whatever layer is beneath it. This means that installation is often quicker and more simple than it would be otherwise. These flooring boards are usually connected either with glue, tongue and groove or click lock installation techniques. Laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, engineered timber flooring and vinyl flooring can all come as floating floors. Melbourne floating floors are a great option if you want ease of installation along with any choice of design and style.


Floating Floors Prices


The cost of any floor depends on numerous factors, the same goes for floating floors. Floating floors are usually a cost effective solution to installing floors in your home. Solid timber flooring and carpet can take much time to install, as careful measurement and prior planning is required. Whereas floating floors simply require you to cut the pre finished boards as you go, and simply attach them to each other.

Floating floorboards cost per metre is a typical query that people have before deciding to install them in their house. This of course depends on various factors. Chiefly, this price relies on the type of floor that is being installed. Bamboo and laminate floors, for instance are sold at different costs due to the different production techniques each has. So be sure to take into account the floating timber floor detail before you make your final choice. Another floating floor cost factor to take into account, is the style of installation system your chosen floor will have. Click lock systems generally cost more than tongue and groove systems. But if you are attempting the flooring installation yourself, the click lock system will be the best option for you if you do not have much flooring experience.

Melbourne Floating Floors Living Room Decoration

Due to the wide range of options available, it is worthwhile to note that finding the cheapest laminate flooring  has to offer, relies on your own ability to sniff out a bargain (the same goes for bamboo flooring and engineered timber flooring). When it comes to installation, you will also have to decide what type of underlay to have beneath your flooring. Different styles of underlay have different useful properties, so you can choose the one the matches your specific requirements.

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Pros of Floating Floors


Easy Installation

Installing floating floors is the easiest way to install flooring. You will be able to easily finish any normal room in under a day’s work and as a result of being able to do it yourself, you will dramatically cut down on installation costs.


One major drawback to solid timber flooring is that its tendency to expand as a result of the climate means that it is fairly unreliable. With floating timber floors and floating floors in general however, expansion is not a problem. Because they are separate floorboards and not solid boards of timber, they allow for some natural expansion without the potential of ruining the floor.  


They say variety is the spice of life, well with floating floors you have so many options at your disposal you can be sure to end up with the floor that you want. Whatever your budget and whatever your taste, you will find the perfect floor for your home.


Floating floor care is as easy as sweeping and mopping. Occasionally you can refinish certain floors such as when taking floating timber floor care into account. You will generally never have to pay out for a floating timber floor cleaner as they are so easy to look after.


Cons of Floating Floors



For high traffic areas a floating floor is generally not as long-lasting as a solid timber floor. This is mainly due to the fact that floating floors are often much thinner than solid timber flooring. But the price difference is so noteworthy that floating floors are a great option if you cannot afford the alternatives.

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