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  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Oregon Crater Lake
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  • NFD Carpet Sheet Heleus Black
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  • NFD Carpet Sheet Heleus Cocoon Beige
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Oregon Mt Hood
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  • NFD Carpet Sheet Invictus Magnificus Royal Macaroon
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  • CHAPARRAL CARPET Carpet Sheet  Bronze
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Newport Flagstone
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Processor Ii Dark Cloud
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Kingsgate Town 40oz Iron Gate
  • NFD Carpet Sheet Heleus Crystal Cream
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Kingsgate Town 40oz Slate
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Tucson Tohono Chul
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Seattle Starbucks
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Kingsgate Town 40oz Riverside
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Versatile Dusty Bronze
  • CHAPARRAL CARPET Carpet Sheet  Eagle
  • NFD Carpet Sheet Invictus Marvellous Steel Grey
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Versatile After Dark
  • CHAPARRAL CARPET Carpet Sheet  Bronze
  • Godfrey Hirst Carpet Sheet Concourse Steel
  • NFD Carpet Sheet Invictus Antarse Calla

Carpet Melbourne: A Guide

Carpet has been a key staple of interior design for centuries, read on to discover what it can do for your home today.


Carpet is often the go-to when it comes to installing a new floor. Popular all over the world and easily available, carpet is a true home improvement tradition. Carpet is a great choice when you know that your home is susceptible to the cold. It helps to insulate and is a comfortable addition to any room. Rooms featuring a carpet are generally more cosy than other floorings would allow and are often the choice for those that love to relax in their home. Installing carpet yourself is not an easy task, it requires trial and error along with patience. If you are set on completing the job yourself then there is another option for you. You can purchase carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are much easier to install and if you make a mistake it is easy to fix. If you were laying sheets of carpet then a mistake could mean that you have to take up the carpet you have already laid and start again.

Table of Contents


What is Carpet?

There are three basic categories of carpet available; loop pile, cut pile and a combination of the two. Cut pile carpets are often the choice for those wanting the sense of opulence in their home. These carpets are generally thicker and more comfortable to walk on than other types of carpet. When you are looking to buy carpet Melbourne, bear in mind that whatever choice you end up making, it can be with you for a decade or more. So choosing a luxury carpet style may be a wise decision. The yarn of cut pile carpets stands up straight and is uniform all around. This produces a springy feel when walked upon.

Loop pile carpet is usually a highly cheap carpet Melbourne has to offer. Loop pile carpet is not as thick as cut pile and has more compacted yarn. This style of carpet should be chosen by those who do not like seeing imprints of footprints or vacuum trails. As a result of the compact nature of the yarn of loop pile carpets, they function very well in areas where much foot traffic is expected. This is because they do not wear as quickly as cut pile carpets. So the most notable attribute of loop pile carpet is its durability.

Finally there is combination cut and loop pile carpet. As the name suggests, this style of carpet makes use of both forms of yarn. The use of this style of yarn means that the carpet can be found in many different patterns and designs. It also enables different textures of carpet, as the different styles of yarn naturally reach different heights. Combination carpet is more durable than cut pile and softer than loop pile. This places combination carpet as the perfect compromise between the two styles.

loop style carpet

There are two overall carpet categories that help you to find the exact carpet that will find its place in your home. You can choose to install carpet tiles or carpet rolls. Carpet tiles are the easiest method of carpet installation as they can simply be laid on top of the subfloor that exists below. You do not need any glue, and can simply place them down and the tiles will fit snugly with each other. Another great feature of carpet tiles is the backing on which the carpet itself is attached. This backing can be formed from a variety of different waterproof materials and prevents the carpet from being damaged by water. This backing also prevents your carpet tiles from shrinking. Replacing a damaged carpet is far easier with tiles as you can simply lift the damaged tile or tiles and replace them. This feature is also useful in areas with high foot traffic as any excess wear can be negated by simply replacing over-worn tiles.

Carpet rolls are not as easy to install as carpet tiles but are often cheaper. To install carpet rolls, careful measurements of the chosen room must be made before measuring and cutting the carpet itself. Then it must be installed with care, making sure that the carpet fits snugly next to the walls. The ability to choose an underlay makes this option great if you want an extra luxurious carpet installed. Adding an underlay can make your carpet feel even more comfortable underfoot. An aesthetic advantage that carpet rolls have over tiles is the fact that there are no visible seams between tiles. This can be a major influence for some cheap Carpet Melbourne hunters.  

How is Carpet Made?

Most carpet made of synthetic material and the carpet making process starts by making the yarn. Bales of synthetic material (usually nylon or polyester) are fed into an opening and blending machine. The material is then untangled and neatly packed to form thicker bands.These threads are then placed onto spools. Next threads from 2 spools are fed together to make one thick thread. Then 2 of these threads are mixed together to form a 2 ply yarn. The yarn is then heated to prevent the yarn from being unwound, it is then loaded onto spools.

This yard is then sewn into a canvas backing. Next the carpet is dyed according to the specific needs of the customer or wholesaler. A second backing is then attached to the original backing by means of a special carpet glue. The carpet is then subjected to a pressing machine which secures the two backing layers together to ensure that that the carpet threads will be held fast. The carpet is then cut into rolls and shipped to its final location.


Carpet Melbourne Prices

cheapest carpet melbourne

With carpet installation the overall price will depend on a few factors. Obviously, the price of the carpet itself is a key influence on your carpet Melbourne cost. Whether you find discount carpet Melbourne showrooms have to offer or even if you find any free carpet Melbourne has; this is the major factor for carpet price. Places like Carpet Court or Bunnings carpet can offer discount carpet Melbourne based. Many discount carpet warehouses sell discount tiles which can be a great way to get cheap carpet for your home.

Book CQ Flooring’s installation team to install your new carpet at a time and place that suits you.

Another highly influential factor for your flooring cost is the installation. When it comes to installation there are 2 stages that must be noted. The first is preparation, removal of furniture and removal of existing floor are actions that not everyone will be able to manage alone. In the event that these things need to happen, and you are unable or unwilling to do them, contact your installation team and they should be willing to help you out.

The installation technique that your specific carpet requires will determine how much more you will pay for your new floor. For instance you can expect to pay around $30 per square metre to install carpet rolls, but only around $20 per square metre to install carpet tiles. With carpet tiles, installation is simply a case of placing the tiles down and making sure that they are evenly laid. Whereas laying carpet rolls requires you to map out the room and make sure that your carpet will be cut down to the correct size. But you must make sure that you leave extra room for mistakes.  

With carpet, another potential cost that is worth considering is underlay. Most people who install carpet want to have an underlay installed. This could be to give extra insulation, better soundproofing or simply to make the floor more comfortable. The best underlay you can buy for comfort is the Dunlop Cloud 9 Cumulus. This underlay is made from 95% recycled material and is known as “Britain’s favourite underlay.” There are many styles and brands of underlay that will help to achieve your perfect floor.



Best Carpet Brands Melbourne

Godfrey Hirst Carpet

Godfrey Hirst is a name that has been synonymous with carpets since 1865. This 150 year reign over the carpet industry of Australia means that this is a brand with a real vintage behind it. These 150 years of experience have lead to Godfrey Hirst comfortably in the top ten carpet manufacturers in the world. If it is luxury flooring that you want, then you can do no better than their cut pile plush range.


Victoria Carpets

Victoria Carpets Melbourne

Effortlessly stylish carpets are the forte of this Melbourne based company. Having 50 years experience in the carpet industry means that Victoria Carpets really do know their product. Having full control of their production, this company can ensure that they deliver the best possible quality when it comes to the cheap carpet Melbourne has to offer. Victoria Carpet specialises in tufted carpet, and is considered the market leader in Australia.



Supertuft carpet maelbourne

This Richmond based carpet brand specialise in wool flooring. Every product is made of the most premium quality wool which has been helped Supertuft hold their title of one of the carpet industry’s leading lights since 1980. Supertuft shear their tuft many more times than the industry standards to ensure that the carpet has a velour finish, which will be the envy of any visitor lucky enough to step foot inside your home.


Benefits of Having Carpet Installed in Your Melbourne Home

Carpet is a popular choice among many homeowners, and for good reason. The design options when it comes to carpet are virtually endless, and there’s a whole rake of benefits that come with carpet too.


Reason #1: Style options

With carpet flooring, the design options are many. There are hundreds of colours, styles and patterns to choose from, creating endless style possibilities. Carpets versatility can be an essential component in the overall design and décor of the room.


Reason #2: Insulation

Carpet adds instant warmth to any room. It provides heat insulation, important in the colder winter months to keep warmth in rooms. It also keeps cold air from seeping through the floorboards into the room. Its natural insulation makes it a great energy conserver.


Reason #3: Safety

Carpets soft surface minimizes the risk with slips and falls. Carpet therefore is a viable choice for those with elderly people and / or children, as they are at a high risk of injuries from falling.


Reason #4: Comfort

Carpet adds coziness to any room, turning a house into a home. Try curling up on the floor in front of the television with a hardwood floor – it simply isn’t the same. Not only does carpet add a sense of warmth and luxuriousness to a room, it also makes the entire room feel more comfortable and more enjoyable to spend time in.


Reason #5: Minimizes sound

Studies have proven that carpets help absorb sound, minimising sound. This makes it a popular choice for bedrooms, as it can reduce the sounds of television and talking from outside the room. Carpets with padding are particularly efficient in minimising sound.


Reason #6: Sustainable

New innovations in carpeting have allowed old carpet to be recycled into new carpet, creating more sustainable carpeting. One manufacturer found that out of 121 million pounds of used carpet, 85 percent was able to be recycled into new carpeting. The recycling of old carpet therefore greatly reduced the need of new materials to create new carpets, minimising carpets effect on the environment.


Reason #7: Easy maintenance

Carpets are generally easy to maintain, with a simple vacuum being all that is required in most cases. In addition, most carpets manufactured today are treated with a stain resistant treatment, minimising the effect of stains. This treatment stops liquids passing below the surface, making it easier to clean up stains. Make sure you clean up spills immediately to make the most out of this treatment though, because it can only keep the stain isolated to the surface for so long.


Reason #8: Flexible price

There’s a style of carpet for every taste and budget. For those looking for the ultimate in luxury carpeting, wool is considered the best carpeting material. Its softer than synthetic materials, but is much more durable. Wool carpeting can be expensive however, and there are many cheaper materials available that you can choose from, such as nylon, olefin, polyester and acrylic.


Pros and Cons of Having Carpet Installed in Your Home

Pros and cons of carpet melbourne


Carpet Pros

No Need to Polish Unlike its hardwood contemporaries, carpet is easy to look after. Simply vacuum the floor and the job is done. Due to personal circumstances, such as children, not having to spend too much time fixing up your floor is a big time-saving bonus.


Endless Variety Due to the incredible popularity of carpet, there are many available styles. In fact, you can find carpet created in every conceivable style. So if carpet is indeed your new flooring choice, then your future carpet is out there waiting for you.


Soft Landings Children are often at the forefront of parents’ mind when buying new flooring. Whether they are worried about their child falling or indeed the child causing damage to the floor. In any case, Carpet is a great choice when faced with these thoughts. It provides a soft landing and apart from staining, is not easily damaged.


Carpet Cons

Easily Stained Carpet’s biggest drawback when compared to its alternatives is the ease in which it is stained. From the catastrophe of spilt red wine to coffee to bolognese; every ingestible item poses a threat to your new carpet.


Installation is Not Easy Contrary to popular belief, carpet is not easy to install. The major tool you need to have before starting to install your carpet is experience. There are so many variables and potential oversights that can be made when installing carpet that it is highly recommended that you have professionals install your carpet.


We Suggest

Your bedroom should be your day to day sanctuary. It is the place you go to relax, regardless of what is happening around you. So what better to accompany your comfortable bed than lush and springy carpet? Choose a dark, soft carpet for your bedroom to create your ultimate relaxation zone.


Carpet Melbourne FAQ

How Do I Look After Carpet

Move heavy pieces of furniture so they do not have a chance to crush the carpet. Once a carpet has been crushed for too long, it will not recover. Also when you clean your carpet, be sure to move all of your furniture so you can get the vacuum in places you may miss otherwise. This prevents unsightly discolouration. When you spill anything on your carpet, clean it up as soon as you can. The longer something is allowed to absorb into the carpet material, the more chance there is for permanent damage.


Are Carpet Tiles a Good Investment?

Tiled Carpet is easier to install by yourself. But it does not fasten as securely as traditional carpet sheets. Carpet tiles also tend to pop out and buckle, these problems are not common with carpet sheets. We suggest avoiding carpet tiles.


How Do I Prepare a Room to Lay Carpet?

At CQ Flooring, we can go the extra mile to make the flooring installation process easy for you. But if you want to prepare your room for a carpet installation then follow these steps. First be sure to move all furniture out of the room you want to lay carpet in. Once you have moved your furniture, take your doors off their hinges. Bear in mind that CQ Flooring can do all of the above should you require.


Do I Need Carpet Underlay?

We suggest laying down underlay whenever possible as it helps the carpet stay warm when it is cold outside. It also makes the carpet feel softer to walk on.


Do I Need a Carpet Protector?

We suggest that you would need a carpet protector is if you have very heavy furniture like a piano or use an office chair over your carpet. Both of these objects can leave unsightly indents on your carpet. A carpet protector is a cost effective way to avoid these marks.


What Is The Easiest Way to Get a Cheap Carpet Quote?

At CQ Flooring, you can either book a visit from our mobile flooring showroom and get a quote based on exact measurements, or you can simply ring or email us with some information and we can give you a quick quote.


How To Know When to Replace Old Carpet?

An carpet that is ready to be replaced is easy to spot. First you will notice that a worn out carpet is no longer as soft as it used to be. This is from much foot traffic and heavy furniture. Carpets that have picked up stains that will not wash out are due a replacement. Another sign that your carpet needs to be replaced is when the carpet itself has bulges that will not dissipate. This happens when the carpet has been stretched beyond its capabilities and has no chance to return back to its original form.

Book a visit from CQ Flooring’s mobile showroom and browse samples from the comfort of your home.

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