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Recoll Carpet Tile Adhesive FIX71 - 134744

Recoll Carpet Tile Adhesive FIX71
Recoll Vinyl Flooring Adhesive VINACOLL4000
Recoll Flooring Adhesive Sausage
Timber Flooring Adhesive Recoll SilanBlock 15 Kg
European Made VOC FREE Moisture Barrier RECOLL brand
Supplier: CQ Flooring
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A solvent free adhesive based on acrylic resins in water dispersion,formulated as an easily trowelable light cream paste, for application by roller, brush or trowel. When dry, the RECOLL FIX 71 film remains permanently tacky, even after repeated removal andsuccessive relaying of the floor tiles, it is therefore possible to remove or substitute the flooring easily.


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Type Flooring Adhesive
Weight 10Kg
Consumption 100-300g (m2/sqm)
Colour Light Beige
Dry solids content 71%
Consistency Creamy Paste